The Eridani were the alien race that were contracted by the Alpha Flight Space Program to do all the waste removal for their station. However, barely after it started functioning, they wanted to renegotiate.

Captain Marvel, the Commander of Alpha Flight, met up with Eridani delegates, but their meeting was cut short when Danvers attended to protect the station from debris caused by an asteroid collision.

The Eridani delegates were detained after the discovery that there hadn't been an asteroid collision at all, but the asteriod whose debris endangered the station had been exploded by a ship with a energy signature that matched the Eridani's.[1] However, it was soon discovered the evidence of the energy signature had been fabricated.[2] It was eventually found out that the saboteurs had been two rogue Eridanis, one of them named Lira, who pinned the incident on their own species, unwilling to let the slave class of Eridani be exploited even further to fulfill the additional needs of station.

Even though the Eridanis were cleared of the crimes, they cancelled the waste management contract due to the fiasco of the negotiations.[3]


Cultural Traits

It is known that the Eridani are divided in two classes, the ruling class and slaves.[3]

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