History of character is unknown.


Gemini could unleash energy capable of destroying everything around him. At the height of his power, he could lay waste to areas of 0.862 miles in diameter and emit plasma over a range of 3.17 miles while generating a level 7 force shockwave. Gemini's power was markedly reduced by Rune's energy theft, and his area of destruction was reduced to 42.67 yards in diameter. Gemini could also create plant and animal life, even human beings. He could levitate and heal at superhuman rate, but this also exhausted his energy stores.

From Rune's bite he developed a thirst for human flesh and blood, which could restore his power more quickly than consumption of normal food. He could assume a Rune-like form, complete with wings, claws, and retractable fangs, and could drain power from others by biting them.

Eventually the powers split, with Noel harnessing the energy powers and Erik possessing the Rune-like form and powers. The two made an agreement with Noel controlling the form during daylight and Erik doing so during night time. As Erik became increasingly bloodthirsty, Noel imposed a limitation on him, preventing him from consuming innocents; however, this had the effect of costing him his own conscience, and he became increasingly hostile towards humanity, seeking to punish the guilty and not really caring if innocents were killed in the process.

Noel and Erik currently achieved separate forms, each maintaining their powers, with Erik needing to take a human host to maintain his abilities.


He briefly wore a suit of armor which granted him unspecified ability (perhaps only protection from injury).


He used a large battleaxe.

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