Erik Josten was Hank Pym's lab assistant. Being ambitious, Josten became dissatisfied playing second fiddle to Pym, since Josten had allegedly assisted him in many of his discoveries. When it became obvious that Hank was winning the adoration of Janet Van Dyne, Josten became jealous of Pym as well.

He managed to keep his true feelings a secret from Pym until the opportunity to get even arose. It came when Pym donned his Persuader Helmet and his Ant-Man suit, and decided to research ants' hive-mind, using an anthill as a field lab. Josten told no one of this, simply saying that Pym had disappeared with no trace. Josten even went so far as to delete emails from Pym concerning his findings in the anthill.

Vernon van Dyne called Janet to help search for Hank, and eventually she managed to find Josten out, since he had simply deleted Pym's emails from his inbox, not removed the data. Josten tried to appeal to her, get her to forget about Pym, but she grew to seven feet tall and broke herself free of his grip, storming off to find Pym.

Josten swiped a Pym Particle suit from the lab and followed Jan outdoors. He tried once more to win her heart, but failed again. His patience gone, Josten activated his suit, growing to massive size, and attempting to force Janet to do what he wanted. She simply grew to match his size and attacked Josten, punching him back into a building. About this time, the Avengers were arriving to aid Janet, and Josten saw them coming. He grabbed their Quinjet and hurled it at Jan, knocking her over. He realized too late what he had done but got no chance to reconcile. Pym used his own suit to grow to giant size as well and began protecting Janet by fighting Josten. Josten was winning for a short time, but Pym used spare Pym Particles to supersize several ants, which he then had attack Josten, subduing him.

Pym then used more Particles to shrink Josten small enough to keep him in a jar, which he handed over the the Avengers to deal with as they saw fit.[1]


Size Addition: Erik can use his Pym Particle suit to grow to giant sizes. The exact limits of this power are unknown, but he did enlarge himself to about sixty feet during his fight with Giant-Girl.


Scientific Intelligence: Josten has aided Hank Pym in many of the inventor's discoveries and creations, and he appears to have contributed greatly to several of those.

Strength level

Erik has the strength of a normal man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. When giant-sized, Josten acquires proportional superhuman strength.


Josten is a large target when supersized.


Pym Particle suit

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