Presumably, the past history of Erik Josten of Earth-9997 is similar to his Earth-616 counterpart. Through glimpses of his past by X-51 and the Watcher, it has also been shown that on this world that Josten would also reform and become the costumed hero Atlas. In recent history however, Erik Josten has died. The circumstances of his death remain unrevealed.
His soul would inhabit the Realm of the Dead, a realm created by the Elders of the Universe to collect the fragments of the Multiverse. In this realm, Josten would revert to his Goliath identity and be locked in endless battle with the other deceased super-heroes and villains. His current whereabouts following the death of Death and Mar-Vell's construction of Paradise remain unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Erik Josten of Earth-616.

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