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Quote1.png When I was a boy, I saw men executed. Women and children. Each night I swore to myself 'Never again!'. But, we must prevail. Goodbye... Senator. Mutant liberation begins... Quote2.png



Magnus originated from a small country that was brutally invaded during a war. In the course of the conflict, Magnus would witness countless atrocities and lost his entire family, forever destroying his faith in mankind. At some point, Magnus manifested mutant powers, gaining the ability to control and manipulate metal.

After the war, he went to work at a psychiatric hospital as an aide alongside Charles Xavier, with whom he became close friends. When remnants of the forces that had invaded his country attacked the hospital and kidnapped a patient, Xavier and Magnus rescued her, thereby revealing their mutant powers to each other. Magnus tried to kill the soldiers, but was stopped by Xavier. Xavier believed they needed to use their abilities to aid humanity, but Magnus disagreed, believing that humanity could not even make peace with itself, let alone with mutantkind. He came to believe that mutants were a superior species and that they needed to rid themselves of humanity in order to claim their rightful place as the Earth's dominant species. He began calling himself "Magneto" and amassed a growing legion of followers.

They began attacking power plants, factories and government buildings in an attempt to disrupt human society in preparation for a mutant takeover. Xavier stopped him by using his telepathic powers, and Magneto went into hiding for many years, growing stronger and preparing for his return.

During this time, Magneto discovered the Savage Land, a lush tropical jungle hidden deep within Antarctica. Magneto created a citadel here, and created the Mutates, a race of superpowered beings. He also came into conflict with Ka-Zar and the free peoples of the Savage Land. [1]

Enter Magneto

He revealed his presence to the world again when he attacked a detention center in an attempt to free the imprisoned X-Man Beast. Beast rebuffed his offer, wishing to stand trial and prove that mutants were no danger to mankind. He soon attempted to start a war with humanity, by launching nuclear missiles from Drake missile base, but he was prevented by Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm. He later attacked a Metro Chemical factory with the intent of luring Xavier into the open. He made quick work of the X-Men before Xavier arrived, but was defeated when Xavier forced him to relive painful childhood memories, prompting him to flee.[2]

After witnessing the failed assassination of Senator Robert Kelly, Magneto took matters into his own hands, and kidnapped Kelly with the intention of killing him, in order to provoke the war between humanity and mutantkind he so desired. Just before Magneto could finish him, he was attacked by a squadron of Sentinels. The Sentinels, who had been made of plastic to counter Magneto, easily incapacitated him, and kidnapped Kelly themselves, with the aim of replacing his and various other world leaders' brains with computers, allowing the Sentinels to gain control of the world. Magneto was rescued by the X-Men and taken back to the school. When they decided to rescue Kelly, Magneto called them fools, and stayed behind. He had a change of heart however, and came to the X-Men's aid in storming the Sentinel base, arriving just in time to save Xavier and turn the tide against the Sentinels. Together with Xavier, he destroyed Master Mold, halting the Sentinel threat. He declared himself and Xavier even, and left, promising they would meet again. [3]

Return to the Savage Land

Unbeknownst to Magneto, his Savage Land mutates fell under the control of a new master; Mr. Sinister. Using the shape-shifting mutant Morph, Sinister tricked Magneto and Xavier to both travel to the Savage Land, where they would be rendered powerless and could be captured by Sinister for use in his experiments. [4]

The two old friends were forced to work together to survive the hazards of the Savage Land without their powers. They were hunted by Magneto's mutates, now serving Sinister. After painstakingly making their way back to Xavier's ship, only to be captured, they were rescued by Ka-Zar. Setting aside his differences with Magneto, he helped lead them into Magneto's old citadel, now Sinister's base of operations, so that they could rescue Ka-Zar's people, who had been enslaved or captured by Sinister. The trio were surprised to encounter all of the mutates, and Mr. Sinister and his Nasty Boys, who easily captured Magneto and Xavier while Ka-Zar fled. [1]

Sinister forced Xavier to summon the X-Men so that he could capture them as well, plotting to use all the captured mutants' genetic material in order to create a race of super-mutants subservient to him. Using Magneto's genetic material, he greatly enhanced the powers of the mutate Vertigo. The X-Men succeeded in disabling Sinister's power-suppression equipment, allowing them and Magneto to break free from Sinister, defeat his mutates, and destroy his corporeal form. [5]

With the battle won, Xavier asked Magneto to join him in his work to fight for the betterment of both humanity and mutantkind. Magneto declined, telling him they each had their own destiny and that only the future would prove which of them was right. The two parted as friends once again. [5]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Magneto of Earth-616.



Magneto's Helmet


  • Voiced by the late David Hemblen.
  • In contrast to other depictions of the character, the animated version of Magneto was only truly an antagonist to the X-Men in his first appearance. Subsequent appearances, from the Season 1 finale all the way up to the final episode, would have him teaming up with them against common, greater foes, from the Sentinels to Mr. Sinister to the Phalanx. In the final episode, the last shot of the series is of him standing alongside the X-Men watching Professor Xavier depart with Lilandra, suggesting that he may remain at the mansion as one of the team, as he did in the 1980s on Earth-616.
  • Developed for television by Larry Houston and Frank Squillace.

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