When Magnus was young, he was captured by an invading army and placed in a prison camp. Upon the camp's liberation, he escaped and vowed never to suffer under humans again.[1] At some point he met Charles Xavier. Although Magnus and Xavier became friends, they parted ways once Magnus' hatred of humanity.[2] Magnus named himself Magneto, and prior to the modern lineup of Earth-TRN566's X-Men, Magneto's desire to goad humans and mutants into a civil war led him to attack power stations and defense factories, but he failed to achieve his goal.[2]. After that, at some undetermined point he created Asteroid M.[2]. Magneto resurfaced again after the X-Men's first encounter with the Sentinels[3][2], and from there his history is parallel with the Earth-92131 Magneto, such as attempting to free Beast from prison[2] and joining forces with Xavier in the Savage Land.[4]

Afterwards, Magneto's history diverged from his Earth-92131 counterpart as he led a new Brotherhood of Mutants, which had Toad, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.[1] They reluctantly joined forces to stop Apocalypse.[5]


Seemingly those of Erik Lehnsherr (Earth-92131).

  • Although X-Men Adventures was an adaptation of the X-Men: The Animated Series, the comic often took liberties deviating from the cartoon. One such example is in X-Men Adventures #3, in which Magneto is shown first on Asteroid M, which the cartoon didn't introduce until Season 4's Sanctuary - Part 1. X-Men Adventures #3 also does not go into detail about Xavier and Magneto's past, unlike the animated episode Enter Magneto.
  • After X-Men Adventures partially adapted Season 3, the comic was relaunched as Adventures of the X-Men and went off on a completely different direction from the cartoon. For example, the season 3 episode "Cold Comfort" (which had Quicksilver as part of X-Factor) wasn't adapted, and Adventures of the X-Men was free to have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as part of Magneto's Brotherhood instead. This also follows that the animated series' origin for Asteroid M in Sanctuary was ignored, as it came after the comic's new direction.

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