Erika Benson was the mother of the mutant boy named Piecemeal who merged with the resurrected Proteus. She had been employed by A.I.M. to take Piecemeal around the world, absorbing all of the ambient energy of Proteus in their effort to recreate him.[1]

Harness fought various members of the X-Teams as they attempted to stop A.I.M.'s plan. She was taken into custody after the death of her son.[1]


She had the mutant ability to produce an energy tether. This line could be used like a whip or leash. It was apparently augmented or focused by her armor.[1]


Harness wore an armored suit designed by AIM that enhanced her strength and had a teleportation device, as well as a host of lethal weapons including lasers, machine pistols, mini-missiles, and a repulsor ray. She also appeared to have cybernetic connections to the suit itself.

The armor was powerful enough for Harness to stand against more than a dozen combined members of X-Force, the New Warriors, and Muir Islanders in prolonged combat.[1]

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