Erin Cicero is an Zzzax / human experiment. Cicero was a military prisoner, but given the option of negating her sentence by signing up for dangerous experiments by a group of Army scientists under John Ryker. [1].

Staff Sergent Erin Cicero signed up for the experiment because she was going to be put to death for the murder of 6 people, including her husband and 2 children. Before returning home she had seen her entire platoon killed during peace-keeping operations and shipped home. she was likely suffering post traumatic stress which led her to believe her family were insurgent spies and killed them. [2]

Her first mission with Gamma Corps: Black was to apprehend Lyra and Boudicca. After taking over a small desert town in California, she absorbed most of Lyra's bio-electricity but after Lyra made her angry, Axon found herself weaken so returned them. Before Lyra could kill her like she had with the rest of Gamma Corps: Black, general Ryker had her remotely terminated for being known by too many civilians [3]


  • Flight: Axon possesses the ability to fly at currently unknown speeds and height.
  • Electricity: Axon possesses the ability to fire electrical bolts of currently unknown wattage.


  • Axon appears to need to "feed" on others' bio-electricity.

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