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Eris was a space pirate who set out to collect Groot's bounty but instead captured Rocket Raccoon.[1]

In her armor

Rather than wasting fuel and resources chasing Groot, Eris decided to instead take Rocket back to her ship and use him as bait. Sure enough, Groot, along with a ragtag group of allies, attacked Eris's base in an effort to rescue Rocket. Eris and her crew maintained the upper-hand at first but two of Groot's allies were able to turn the tide: the Skrull Laz was revealed to be a Super-Skrull and Mantron fell in love with Eris's robot crewman A.P.E. and convinced them to switch sides. Facing defeat, Eris triggered a number of explosives as a last-ditch attempt to defeat Groot and his allies but Mantron, sacrificing himself, grabbed Eris and the explosives and carried them out of the ship.[2]

Eris was revealed to have survived the explosion and declared she would meet Groot and Rocket another time.[3]

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