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Eris was bored with her lot in life and considered trying to surpass Ares to become the Olympian Goddess of War. She sought direction from a prophetess and learned of the neophyte but powerful mortal sorcerer Kyllian Boddicker. Kyllian had the patronage of the Celtic Gods, whom the Olympians had been at odds with in the past. Eris sent her vassal Centaurion to Earth to kill Kyllian.

When Centaurion was defeated by Kyllian, Eris went to Earth herself to confront the mortal. He brashly opposed the Goddess even then, and Eris returned to Olympus to question Sybilla about her guidance. Sybilla admitted her visions told her Kyllian would be more than a momentary diversion for Eris. The Goddess of Strife left the prophetess in disgust, and therefore missed the next vision conjured by Sybilla -- an image of Eris and Kyllian in a lover's embrace.[5]

Years later, Eris was associated with Hera's Olympus Group. She confronted Hercules and his Avengers allies during the launch of Continuum.[6]

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Eris possesses the conventional attributes of an Olympian goddess.

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