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Erlik was a Tenger, sired by Tengri, the god of the Eternal Blue Sky who predated all things in central Asia, and coupled with Gaea to create the god Erlik, Gaea providing a physical body by shaping it from mud, and Tengri imbuing it with life essence (or kut).

Erlik became prideful and arrogant, forcing Tengri to banish him to the underworld, where he became the god of death and evil. Tengri replaced Erlik as architect of the Earthly plane with Ulgen. The banished Erlik descended upon humanity with sin and disease, even finding a small group of worshipers during the Hyborian Age centuries before the other gods became popular.[1]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

In the days of ancient Zarfhaana, Erlik was stated to be "but a devil to frighten children".[14]

In ancient Valusia, mortally wounded nobleman Vonndhar was granted eternal life by Erlik, in exchange for his service.[1]

Great Cataclysm aftermaths

After the Great Cataclysm, circa 18,000 BC, the prophet known as the Tarim was worshiped as Erlik's living avatar and brought Erlik worship to Hyrkanian tribes, who founded the Turanian Empire.[1]

Around the same time, Erlik was worshiped in Pathenia, a remote northern realm.[1] where was located the Temple of Erlik.[15][16]

Age of Acheron (13,000 BC)

Circa 13,000 BC, before the Fall of Acheron (and the end of the Age of Acheron), Erlik was considered a "minor godling of the steppes" (the Hyrkanian and/or the Turanian steppes), at least by Acheronian priest of Set Kheperu.[17]

Hyborian Age

Age of Conan (10,000 BC)

Erlik achieved prominence around 10,000 BC.[18] and was worshiped in Turan[19] and Hyrkania.[20]

Around that point, Vonndhar relinquished his life to Erlik to restore his would-be-lover Jenna of Shadizar.

Through the Tarim, and allied with the Celtic goddess Scathach, Erlik arranged for Sonja of Hyrkania to become a mighty warrior.

The Lemurians, Hyrkanians and Turanians were the ancestors of the Huns, Mongols, Tartars, and Turks.[1]

Modern Age

Erlik was worshipped by the xenophobic Khirgiz tribe of Afghanistan, descendants of the Mongols.[1]


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