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Quote1.png You were not made for war, Captain... You were made for eternity. Quote2.png

Powers and Abilities


Artificially Enhanced Physiology: The Hydra's Super-Soldier serum known as Lazarus Formula enhanced Erlking's physical body to superhuman levels.[1] The Lazarus Formula had also augmented his body mass, height, and enlarge his symbol tattoo on his chest.[1]

  • Superhuman Strength: Erlking's strength was enhanced to the superhuman levels. He has shown enough strength to knock down Captain America with a single blow during their fight.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: Erlking's bones and muscles are denser than normal humans. He withstand getting struck multiple times by Captain America.[1]
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Although Erlking's reflexes are not in levels comparable with Captain America's; however, he shown enough reflexes to catch Captain America's Shield with one hand.[1]
  • Suspended Aging: The Lazarus Formula in Erlking's blood prevents him from aging.[1]


Above Average Combatant: Erlking was skilled enough to hold his own against Captain America and teenage Bucky. However, he was later overpowered by Winter Soldier in their second fight.[1]

Physical Strength

Erlking possesses some degree of superhuman strength.[1]

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