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Captain Krause (also known as Captain Storm) was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. By the summer of 1943, he was in command of a Gestapo unit that patrolled the Berlin countryside searching for spies, defectors, and other refugees that might be attempting to flee the country. During this time, he found a pair of spies attempting to escape with secret plans stolen from the Nazis.

Before he could get his men to execute the spies, the Destroyer mowed down Krause's men with a machine gun and stole the Nazis patrol car. Before they could escape, one of the spies was shot dead, but they continued on without him. Krause sped by motorcycle to a nearby airfield, and after calling troops to try and stop the Destroyer and the spy, he went after them in a Luftwaffe fighter plane. Dogging them, Krause watched as his shots caused the getaway car to crash. Landing his plane, he was caught by surprise when it turned out that the Destroyer and the spy were playing dead.

Krause put up a fight but was easily knocked out by the very wrench he tried to use against the Destroyer. With Krause unconscious, the Destroyer stole his plane allowing the spy to flee to Britain with the stolen plans.[2]

The subsequent fate of Krause remains to be revealed.



When on patrol, Krause used a rifle with a bayonet attachment.


Krause had access to many vehicles as a member of the Gestapo: cars, motorcycles. and fighter planes.

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