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Breakdown was a housewife until the pressure of everyday life caused her to have a nervous breakdown. This great emotional turn triggered her latent powers and she became further depressed. She eventually turned to the New Life Clinic which was run by Scramble who promised to cure her, but instead, kept her captive. She was eventually freed by Aurora along with several other patients.

The group of patients were eventually recruited by Bedlam to combat Alpha Flight. She was a simple Canadian housewife until domestic pressures activated her latent mutant powers and she broke down, literally. Breakdown could explode in a burst of energy and then reform herself.

Breakdown was slain by Bedlam when she and her fellow Derangers turned against him, however, Bedlam was able to slay her in the fight.[2]

Powers and Abilities


She was capable of disrupting her physical form to release a blast of pure bio-energy.

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