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After infiltrating the Mutant Underground, Esme Frost manipulated them into rescuing her sisters Sophie and Phoebe from the Sentinel Services.[1]



  • Telepathic Hive Mind: Esme and her sisters share a linked hive mind, which allows them to share thoughts, communicate and maintain a continuous telepathic connection over great distances. The link is strongest when they are in close physical proximity, and their collective mind also allows for increased telepathic power and shared intellect. When the girls use their telepathy, their eyes glow bright blue, and they glow even more when acting under the hive mind.
    • Telepathy: Esme and her sisters possess the ability to read minds and project their thoughts to others. They are able to analyze people's memories and influence minds, as seen when Esme implanted a vivid nightmare into Polaris' mind while she slept. Though they individually possess their own telepathy, their telepathic abilities are greater when the girls join together.
    • Mind Control: Esme and her sisters have shown the ability to control multiple people’s minds at the same time, as demonstrated when they forced several Sentinel Services agents to kill both their fellow agents and themselves.
    • Empathy: Esme and her sisters possess limited emphatic abilities, as Esme could read Chloe Tans' emotions, sensing a lot of need and pain.



  • Taser



  • In The Gifted, Esme is the most compassionate of the Frost sisters, whereas in the comics, she is the most evil

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