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Eson was the seeker and quester among the cosmic entities known as the Celestials. Eson was among the First and Fourth Celestial Hosts that visited Earth.[1]

As part of his time on Earth, Eson observed Miami, Florida and the undersea Deviant legendary isle of Lemuria. Eson and the Celestials were attacked by the Deviants, and Eson absorbed all the energy from Lemuria. He then destroyed Lemuria in retaliation for the Lemurians' attack, this while probing it with his hand. The Lemurians either fled or drowned.[1]

When En Sabah Nur, using old hieroglyphs, built his large Sphinx shaped ship with unearthly materials, in part on his own as the ship also built itself, Eson began speaking to him as a voice in his head. Eson, through telepathy and calling Nur Apocalypse, presented Nur with the proposition to use the technology on the ship, to gain great power and shape the destiny of the world. Or simply leave and never remember anything. Nur accepted and Eson stated that one day, maybe in centuries or millennia, the Celestials will return for his payment of these gifts.[2]

With the nine other members of the Fourth Host in Peru, Eson participated in the repulsion of the attack by the Destroyer, the Uni-Mind, and Thor. The Celestials then judged Earth worthy, and left.[3]

Eson was one of the Celestials resurrected by the Queen of Nevers as the Fifth Host to thwart the First Firmament's attempt to take over the Multiverse.[4]

During the arrival of the Final Host, a heavily injured Eson fell on Earth as other Celestials rained down from the sky dead. After Captain Marvel was able to prevent his body from landing in the middle of Manhattan,[5] Eson teleported She-Hulk to Robbie Reyes's location and tried to aid the Avengers in fighting the Final Host, but was ultimately killed.[6] During the Avengers' final stand against the Dark Celestials, the Horde reanimated the bodies of the fallen Celestials. In order to defeat the Horde, the Avengers merged their energies to form a Uni-Mind, rendering the Horde dormant with its power. The Celestials returned to life, and assisted the Avengers in taking down the Dark Celestials.[7]



Cosmic energy control with an unknown upper limit. Armour able to withstand strikes from nuclear warheads.



Eson has a "universal eye" in the palm of his left hand through which he can see.


Celestial starships.

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