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Celestial War[]

Eson was one of the Celestials who rebelled against the Aspirants and First Firmament. They shattered the First Cosmos into the Second Cosmos, the first Multiverse, and later created the Omegas as servitors.[1]

The Celestials were split across the Multiverse. Their counterparts are interconnected aspects of themselves and not separate beings. Thus, the Eson of Earth-616 is one aspect of the true Eson.[2]


Eson was the seeker and quester among the cosmic entities known as the Celestials. Eson was among the First and Fourth Celestial Hosts that visited Earth.[3]

As part of his time on Earth, Eson observed Miami, Florida and the undersea Deviant legendary isle of Lemuria. Eson and the Celestials were attacked by the Deviants, and Eson absorbed all the energy from Lemuria. He then destroyed Lemuria in retaliation for the Lemurians' attack, this while probing it with his hand. The Lemurians either fled or drowned.[3]

When En Sabah Nur, using old hieroglyphs, built his large Sphinx shaped ship with unearthly materials, in part on his own as the ship also built itself, Eson began speaking to him as a voice in his head. Eson, through telepathy and calling Nur Apocalypse, presented Nur with the proposition to use the technology on the ship, to gain great power and shape the destiny of the world. Or simply leave and never remember anything. Nur accepted and Eson stated that one day, maybe in centuries or millennia, the Celestials will return for his payment of these gifts.[4]

With the nine other members of the Fourth Host in Peru, Eson participated in the repulsion of the attack by the Destroyer, the Uni-Mind, and Thor. The Celestials then judged Earth worthy, and left.[5]

Around 400 CE, Eson was in deep space where he came across Lacie Lorraine and P'alluc who were in search of a powerful metamorphosis device. After learning that the device was already stolen, P'alluc left Lacie to be attacked by Eson. Eson thought she had died and left, unaware that Lacie had survived thanks to her durability.[6]

Eson was one of the Celestials resurrected by the Queen of Nevers as the Fifth Host to thwart the First Firmament's attempt to take over the Multiverse.[7]

During the arrival of the Final Host, a heavily injured Eson fell on Earth as other Celestials rained down from the sky dead. After Captain Marvel was able to prevent his body from landing in the middle of Manhattan,[8] Eson teleported She-Hulk to Robbie Reyes's location and tried to aid the Avengers in fighting the Final Host, but was ultimately killed.[9] During the Avengers' final stand against the Dark Celestials, the Horde reanimated the bodies of the fallen Celestials. In order to defeat the Horde, the Avengers merged their energies to form a Uni-Mind, rendering the Horde dormant with its power. The Celestials returned to life, and assisted the Avengers in taking down the Dark Celestials.[10]


Quote1 Unlike you and me, who have separate aspects in each universe, the Celestials exist as aspects of one being linked across the Multiverse simultaneously. Quote2
Dark Beast[src]

The Celestials exist across the Multiverse simultaneously. A Celestial's alternate reality selves are actually aspects of the same being.[2] Despite this, their alternate aspects may have very different histories from the ones in the mainstream Marvel Universe.


Eson (First Cosmos) from Marvel Apes Vol 1 1 001

Eson the Searcher was one of the Celestials who visited Earth-8101.[11]


Eson (First Cosmos) Earth X Vol 1 9

Eson is a member of the Celestial race. Having long since evolved past physical bodies, the Celestials reproduced by impregnating a planet with their essence, which in time would gestate into an infant Celestial. To protect the growing fetus, they would genetically modify the people of said world, greatly enhancing their evolutionary potential and imbuing them with a certain level of aggressiveness.[12] One of these impregnated planets was Earth. After the populace of Earth fully mutated prematurely, Eson and other Celestials travelled to the world to purge it of all life before they could threaten the infant Celestial.[13] They were met with opposition from Black Bolt on the Moon, Eson and the Celestials would kill Black Bolt and then set their sights on Earth.[14]

On Earth, they would be opposed by Namor and an army of sea creatures, Tony Stark in a giant robotic factor and an army of Iron Men robots, and an army of Asgardians led by Loki. This bought the Earth precious moments for the arrival of "Galactus" (actually Franklin Richards) who was called to Earth by Black Bolt before his death. Galactus was able to fight off the Celestials, and Eson chose to flee.[15]


Eson (First Cosmos) from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 001

After the Guardians of the Galaxy foiled his plans and rescued the people of Xandar, Kang summoned a weakened Eson the Searcher from the end of time to destroy them. The Guardians, however, managed to defeat him with a Gravity Mine, and he was returned to his time.[16]

Eson's hand was later summoned by Doctor Strange to defeat Kang during the Avengers' final battle in Chronopolis.[16]


Eson (First Cosmos) from The Secret History of Venom 001

Eson the Searcher was one of the Celestials who attempted to bring light to the universe but found themselves up against Knull. They were defeated after Knull created the Klyntar to be used against them. It is unknown if Eson was killed or was one of the few who survived and fled to the farthest reaches of space.[17]


Eson (First Cosmos) from Timeless Vol 1 1 001

When Earth-20208 was pruned from the timestream by Immortus and the reality was dying from entropy, Reed Richards killed Celestials, including Eson, and drank their their blood so he could use their power to save the timeline.[18]


Eson's name was invoked by Kro when the sky was ablaze because of the arrival of Silver Surfer.[19]


Eson (First Cosmos) from Venom The End Vol 1 1 0001

Eson the Searcher was one of the cosmic beings whose bodies were vivisected by the A.S.I. Team Godmind in order to incorporate their powers.[20]


Eson (First Cosmos) from X-Factor Forever Vol 1 1 001


Eson (First Cosmos) from Thanos Vol 2 14 001

Eson the Searcher was one of the many victims of Thanos in his eternal quest to please Death. He was obliterated along his fellow Celestials by Thanos when he stabbed Black Bolt to death in order to use his destructive voice as weapon. The bones of Eson and the other Celestials were later used by Thanos to build a temple to live the rest of his infinite life.[21]


Eson (First Cosmos) from Galacta Daughter of Galactus Vol 1 1 001

Galacta thought of Eson when discussing the Celestials.[22]


Eson (First Cosmos) from Infinity Entity Vol 1 3 001

Eson was one of the cosmic beings who confronted Adam Warlock to prevent him from destroying the universe, but Adam used his new unlimited power to go all of them away.[23] Eson was killed alongside the universe's galactic empires, Galactus, and the other Celestials by Annihilus, who was using Warlock's powers to conquer the universe.[24]


Eson (First Cosmos) from Fantastic Four Grand Design Vol 1 1 001

Eson the Searcher was one of the Celestials arrived and experimented on the Dinosaurs, creating beings like Fin Fang Foom and experimented on early humans, creating the Deviants and Eternals.[25]


Eson (First Cosmos) from Strange Tales Vol 5 2 001
A statue of Eson was present in the Baxter Building.[26]



Presumably that of Celestials.



Eson has a "universal eye" in the palm of his left hand through which he can see.


Celestial starships.

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