Esperanza Ling was a Cuban citizens who along with her family took a trip to Swiss alp and there she and her family encounter a Phalanx invasion. Her parents and grandfather were absorbed into the hive but she could not do to her mutant nature.[1]Hope was kept as prisoner by government Project Mainspring along with a monkey, Chi-Chee, who was also infected with the Transmode Virus. It was during Warlock (Technarch) (Earth-616) infiltration of the Project Mainspring in order to destroy all techno-organic material feeling guilty of him bringing it to Earth and those with destruction preventing the creation of Babel Sphere. Warlock then free both Chi-Chee and Esperanza who ran from him fearful of her powers would do. She however fled with Warlock upon finding his good intentions.[2]

Hope, Chi-Chee and Warlock ran from the Project Mainspring's mechanical guards. While in museum they ran into Iron Man and Warlock had to use all his energy to defeat the mechanical guards. Hope and Chi-Chi give him a bit their lifeglow so he could continue fighting. But after the destruction the mechanical guards he and Hope were kidnapped by the Psi-Cops.[1]

While inside the Psi-Corps base Hope, Warlock and Chi-Chee were places within a sphere and a sad Esperanza spoke of her inability to control her powers and wish to die in order to stop the spread of the virus. Psimon listen to her story and theory that what the Psi-Cops was doing was wrong. She then freed them and just as Mainspring and his robotic guards attack their base. All them fled together, but in the last minute Chi-Chee was lost.[3]


Transmogrification: Hope's original mutant power was the ability to transmute the inherent properties of any inorganic element she came in contact with into anything else. Her exposure to the transmode virus radically altered her powers as well as creating a new, more incredible virulent version of which that upon touch can consume organic material along with non-organic.[4]


She had no control of her infectious powers. If she infects a living person she is connected to them and will suffer any of their pains.[4]


  • Esperanza is Spanish for Hope which she uses as both a nickname and codename.

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