Diablo was one of the various supervillains that was imprisoned in the new DISKs, but after an accident scattered all DISKS across the globe, his DISK ended up in the hands of the Celebrity Five.

When Joel Murphy managed to get his hands on the DISK containing Hulk, Diablo was released from his DISK so he could use his powers of alchemy to make the Hulk an ally of the Celebrity Five. Under influence of Diablo, Hulk attacked an Air Force base and fought his former teammates Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Diablo's control over Hulk was broken however when Spider-Man, who was imprisoned on board of the Celebrity Five's ship but had been freed by Wasp, caused Diablo to drop the vial containing his potion.[1]

Even though he had lost control over the Hulk, Diablo, along with Whirlwind, Abomination and M.O.D.O.K., was able to overpower Spider-Man. When Iron Man arrived on the ship and gave Hulk's DISK to Edward, Diablo once again tried to take control over Hulk. This time however, Hulk was able to resist him and threw the villain against Whirlwind, defeating both villains. Diablo was then D-Secured by Ed.[2]

His DISK was stolen from the Avengers base by Noriko, who had been tricked into doing so by Okuma Jubei. Loki then used a machine build by Nozomu Akatsuki to give himself the powers of various heroes and villains trapped in the DISKs, including Diablo. With Diablo's powers of alchemy, Loki once more tried to mind control the Hulk into serving him, but Ed was able to break Loki's hold over Hulk.[3]

After Loki was initially defeated and disappeared into the Dark Dimension, the DISKs were lost again. At some point after this, Diablo's DISK was found by Manino Giordani. When Manino was lured into a trap by the Avengers, who wanted the DISK of Dr. Strange from him, Manino D-smashed Diablo and 3 Destroyers. With his alchemy, Diablo made the Destroyers virtually invincible. While the other heroes fought the Destroyers, Falcon instead targetted Diablo and knocked him through the window of a restaurant, making him drop his vial of potion. When Diablo tried to reclaim his potion to make himself stronger, he accidently grabbed a bottle of spicy sauce instead and drank it. In his agony, he caused Manino to drop Dr. Strange's DISK. Dr. Strange was then D-Smashed by Hikaru and defeated Diablo, who was once more D-Secured.[4]

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Seemingly those of Esteban Corazón de Ablo (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Esteban Corazón de Ablo (Earth-616)#Powers.

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