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The Federative Republic of Estrella is a Portuguese-speaking country in South America. Largely covered in rain-forest, a third of the country drains into the Amazon River.


Modern Era

The government of Estrella hoped to expand the country's industry by hiring the Roxxon Corporation to construct an immense dam. The native Indian population objected to these plans, as completion of the dam would flood their villages and destroy their traditional way of life. The dispute intensified until it escalated to a full-scale conflict, with Indian guerillas driving off workers, making completion of the dam impossible.

The government responded by hiring Roxxon's new prototype Deathlok cyborg to eliminate the native resistance. In its initial deployment, it proved highly effective. However during an attack on a native village, Michael Collins, whose brain had recently been implanted in the machine, was able to gain some control over the Deathlok machine, overriding its orders and preventing it from completing its slaughter of the villagers.[1]

Soon afterwards, Collins achieved full control of his cyborg body, and, seeking to atone for his unwilling role in the deaths of countless villagers, returned to Estrella to aid the resistance in their efforts. Fighting together, the resistance and Deathlok were able to destroy the incomplete dam and capture the government military forces. Soon after, Roxxon abandoned the project, and the Estrellan government collapsed.[2]

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  • Terra Forte (capital city)


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