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Quote1.png Yea, though I be as the wasp to a giant who walks the Earth, my wit and speed and deadly sting shall magnify in power -- when the Furies course in my blood! Quote2.png
Ransak the Reject

Appearing in "The Time Killers"

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Synopsis for "The Time Killers"

Zuras discovers that the Deviant scientist Zakka has used his inventions to snatch warriors from different time periods and is using them to commit acts of chaos in major cities. He assigns Thena and the Deviant refugees Karkas and Ransak the Reject to find Zakka and stop him.

Thena provides them all with civilian clothing and uses her powers to make Karkas appear human. They go to New York and begin investigating an apartment complex where Zakka was last known to be operating. One of his time-displaced agents is the legendary Jack the Ripper. Ransak encounters the Ripper just as the villain is preparing to claim another victim. Ransak disarms him and tries to stab him Jack's own sword-cane, but just as suddenly as he appeared, he disappears again - returned to his own time period.

The next threat comes from a pack of Mongol warriors who once fought under the leadership of Atilla the Hun. Karkas sheds his disguise and launches into the sword-wielding Mongols, pounding them into the floor. Humans who perchance witness the fight flee in terror at Karkas' immense size. Zakka emerges from his room, fires a laser into Karkas' back, then flees by way of his Distortion Harness. He returns later and uses his Time Projector to summon a warrior of Deviant legend - Tutinax the Mountain Mover.

Tutinax appears in the small apartment, but he is not impressed with what he sees before him. He destroys the apartment, including the Time Projector and kills Zakka. Upon hearing the commotion, Thena, Ransak and Karkas burst into the apartment, but they are too late. Tutinax tears a hole through the wall and leaps away. The Eternals chase after him and prepare for a final battle. Thena knows that since Zakka's time projector was destroyed, its effects will soon wear off and Tutinax will return to his own timeline. She stalls the battle as much as possible despite the eagerness of Karkas and Ransak. Before the fight actually takes place however, Tutinax disappears and is sent back to his native era.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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