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Quote1.png It is said that when this object calls to the gods -- They will return once more to Earth! Quote2.png
-- Ikaris

Appearing in "The Day of the Gods"

Featured Characters:

  • Eternals (First appearance)
    • Ikaris (First appearance)
    • other unnamed Eternals (Only in flashback)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Pilot
  • Dawn Ape

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The Day of the Gods"

The doctor Daniel Damian, his daughter Margo and his assistant Ike Harris are discovering the God Chamber. Harris is revealing his true name is Ikaris. He's explaining to the Damians that the gods[1] came to Earth to create from a common ancestor three species of Hominidae : the Deviants, the Humans and the Eternals. Ikaris, as an Eternal, was searching this God Chamber since a thousand years to activate the Cosmic Beacon.

Over the Pacific waters, a human plane is destroyed by Kro to protect the secret of the undersea Lemuria. Tode is ordering him to find the God Chamber and to destroy the Cosmic Beacon before the Eternals.



  • This storyline originally took place outside of mainstream Marvel continuity.

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  1. We'll learn they are the Celestials.

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