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Makkari, Ikaris, and Zuras fall beneath the onslaught of Dromedan. In Dromedan's throne room, he orders Zuras to kneel before him. Zuras attempts to place the Neutralizer Helmet on Dromedan's head, but is attacked with his psionic attack before he can do so, in an attempt to force him to free him. Next, Dromedan controls Makkari into freeing him from the rock that he is trapped in. As soon as Dromedan breaks free, a large snake appears above him and starts to attack him. Suddenly Sersi arrives to assist her fellow Eternals. However, Ikaris urges her to leave. Sersi distracts Dromedan long enough for the others to free themselves. Dromedan uses his psionic attack on Sersi, leaving him distracted, and also allowing Ikaris to attack him. A brief fight breaks out with Dromedan as the apparent victor. After thinking he has defeated Ikaris, his enemy emerges and shoots energy at him from his eyes, causing an explosion. They regroup and finally overwhelm Dromedan.

Meanwhile, in the Polar Mountains of the Far North, Druig is attempting to force the wizard Sygmar to tell him about a weapon that he had recently recovered.


  • Goodwin is consulting editor.

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