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Quote1.png Hail to the Celestial hosts and those who lead them! We, the reflections of your image, await the meaning of your new mission... Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Celestials!"

A massive ship from outer space hovers above the so-called "City of the Space Gods". Kro openly challenges the power of these beings and quickly finds himself fleeing from a blast of cosmic energy projected by the ship. The structure begins to quake from the blast and the walls start collapsing around Ikaris, Margo and Doctor Damian. Ikaris races to a chamber called the Resurrection Crypt and awakens one of the Eternals - Ajak, he who is also known as Tecumotzin. Ajak and his followers quickly prepare the coming of their gods - the Celestials. He activates a ceremonial pylon to receive the first of these galactic beings. A giant alien descends from the space ship and comes to rest on the pylon. This is Arishem, leader of the Fourth Host of the Celestials.


  • Wolfman is consulting editor.
  • "Eternal Utterings" letters column by Jack Kirby.
  • The origin of the Deviants is partially revealed in this issue.


  • This storyline originally took place outside of mainstream Marvel continuity.
  • This issue suggests that Ikaris was actually the dove from the biblical story of the Great Flood that flew ahead of Noah's Ark and sought dry land.

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