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Quote1.png Have no fear for me, girl! The sky is part of my environment! To an Eternal, it is -- home! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Devil in New York!"

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Synopsis for "The Devil in New York!"

Arishem takes his place upon the ceremonial pylon where he will stand in judgment over humanity over the next fifty years. The temple of the God Chamber starts to quake and the other celestial minions begin sealing it off. Doctor Damian, refusing to let such historical treasures to be lost forever, elects to stay behind. Margo refuses to leave her father behind, but Ikaris doesn't give her much of a choice. He grabs Margo and races back to their aircraft.

Kro meanwhile, returns to the kingdom of the Deviants where he suffers immense torture at the hands of Deviant leader Brother Tode. Kro is punished for his failure to prevent Ikaris from activating the Cosmic Beacon that summoned the Celestials. Afterwards, Kro tries to get back into Tode's good graces by outlining a new course of action. He wants to manipulate Earth's human populace into becoming the Deviants' foot soldiers. To do so however, he needs to instill them with great fear. He takes on the image of the Devil and leads a massive assault against the American city of Manhattan.

Ikaris brings Margo back to the United States. He knows that she is still shaken for leaving her father behind. He takes her to the penthouse apartment of another Eternal, Sersy. He asks Sersy to care for Margo while he goes off to battle the Deviants.

As he flies off, Kro's Deviant armies ravage Manhattan, setting the entire city ablaze. Terrified humans look up into the sky and see the face of "the Devil" staring down upon them.


  • This issue establishes that Kro is the reason why so many Anglican cultures perceive the Devil as a red-skinned horned demons.
  • Sersi's name is spelled "Sersy" in this issue.

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