The embodiment of all time and space on Earth-9997 has a history that is much the same as its Earth-616 counterpart, however, a number of facts regarding its past have been revealed through viewing the Cosmic Consciousness by both 4-D Man (Kyle Richmond) and Mar-Vell.

Eternity has been revealed to be one of the Elders of the Universe, and a resident of the old universe that was destroyed by the Celestials. When the new universe was formed (and further fragmented by time manipulation) the Elders of the Universe created the Realm of the Dead, and placed Death in charge of the realm. The ultimate goal for the Realm was to collect the souls of each being and their alternate reality counterpart. The end result would be a melting pot of all the fragmented realities, that the Elders hoped to have restore to the universe they used to live in.

However in the modern era of Earth-9997, it is rumored that Eternity was deceased, however there are no facts to substantiate this, nor were the events pertaining to the demise of Eternity remain unrevealed.
Once Mar-Vell had accumulated a number of items of power (including the Cosmic Conciousness, the Enigma Force, and various other items) he gained the power and a similar appearance to Eternity once he took up ruling the realm known as Paradise. Mar-Vell's last act on Earth-9997 was to transfer this power to Reed Richards and make him the new Eternity.
In light of the fact that Eternity is the personification of the universe, and is more of a concept than a being, it's presumable that the "death" of Eternity was only in reference to his physical manifestation. If Mar-Vell and later Reed Richards became the forces that would replace Eternity, it's entirely possible that they are merely just vessels to the power and concept that IS the Eternity.

The Eternity of this universe, as well as its alternate reality counterparts, was annihilated by the Beyonders.[1] But were likely restored alongside the rest of the multiverse.[2]


Seemingly those of Eternity of Earth-616.

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