Quote1 Wait -- you're stealing from kids? That's... horrible. Quote2
-- Parker Parker src

Ethan was a gifted brat born of rich parents; as was his best friend, Lachlan. They were both accepted into Stark Camp, a weekend for bright youth hosted at the Maria Stark Science Center. Lachlan and Ethan only went to steal an Arc Reactor under the cover of creating a microtransaction-app called Killblast Trigger.

They felt insulted and threatened by fellow attendee Peter Parker, for being underprivileged and calling them out on their app. When Ethan hacked Videoman, an aspect of another attendee's project, to cause a distraction for their theft, Lachlan planted Parker's suitcase in the programer's room. After Peter was quickly cleared, they instead hired Rhino and Shocker to kidnap Peter's Aunt May to force him to be their fall guy, but the super-villains were defeated by Spider-Man.

Frustrated, they then used the arc reactor and the center's projection gid to impersonate Iron Man and other Iron Men. Under these disguises, they attempted to kill Parker themselves. He was able to escape and switch into his Spider-Man suit and defeat the would-be Iron Men. They were then taken into custody by the NYPD.[2]

  • Ethan was a social network user.[3]

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