Warren was a POW with Wolverine in Japan during World War II.

They teamed up to escape and found a Japanese woman in the woods. Warren wanted to kill her, but Logan threatened to kill him if he did. They parted company and Logan spent some time with the lady, finding she would not have harmed them.[1]

Warren reappeared and shot Logan, then tried to rape the woman. She grabbed a sword and attacked him, but Warren managed to stab her with his bayonet. Logan recovered from his wound and attacked Warren. They each discovered the other was a mutant, incapable of being killed. Then a plane dropped a nuclear bomb on them.[2]


In the present, Warren, now a flaming skeleton man, found Wolverine in Japan and attacked him. After some fighting, Warren ripped out Wolverine's heart and ate it, restoring his human appearance. Wolverine stood up and continued the fight, shocking Warren, who tried to kill Logan with a searing energy blast. Logan was unfazed and advanced. Warren begged for mercy, but Logan killed him, then passed out.[3]


Because of his past actions, Warren's soul was sent to Hell, and after the criminal organization known as the Red Right Hand sent Wolverine's soul to Hell, Warren was sent by Satan to fight against him alongside several villains killed by Wolverine through the years.[4]


Survived a nuclear explosion, but was transformed into a flaming skeleton. Immune to pain. Superhuman strength and energy blasts. Can recover by eating human tissue.


Combat training from the U.S. Army.

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