Quote1.png I've been pregnant for millions of cycles yet I have barely begun. I will give birth in 12,000 A.D. You told me that. Quote2.png
-- Eton the Gardener src


Eton the Gardener was one of six the original A.I. spawned from Pym's Anti-Ultron Virus.[1][2] From within her gardens in the Wunderkammer, Eton is responsibility for all growth within The Diamond.[2]

Using her Quantum Precognition, Alexis predicted that Eton that she would give birth in 10,000 years, which influenced Eton's decision to evolve in a female form.[2] With Alexis and others, Eton opposed Dimitrios and his war on humanity.[2]

When Alexis left the Diamond and lost her memories, Eton waited for her return to aid her in regaining her memories because Alexis had previously predicted the circumstances and events.[2] With Eton's help, Alexis was also to see 10,000 years into the future to get information from her future self and save the Avengers Empire and humanity.[2]

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