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Quote1.png When I was eight, I hunted my first bear. Big grizzly. That was 1922, in the Yukon, and he kept us through a cold winter. In Spain, I fought bulls and fascists -- and I let the bulls live. In Nepal, I hunted the Tiger God and killed all fear in me. I've fought queens of dreams and the world's secret master. I've fought demons in hell and stolen their thrones -- and those thrones haven't bound me. And it all comes back to one thing. I was eight, full of bear meat and adventure -- and I made a vow, Mr. Creel. I vowed I would live an interesting life. I think I've done okay so far, eh? Quote2.png



Born in 1914, Eugene Milton Judd was both a giant of a man[5] and an incredible athlete. When he was eight in 1922 he caught a bear which kept his family through a hard winter; he swore then to live an interesting life.[6]

Judd became a mercenary with experience with the supernatural. In 1939 he sought the Black Blade of Baghdad. Upon claiming it, he was attacked by the being known as Black Raazer that possessed the blade. The spirit of Black Razer lengthened Judd's lifespan and increased his strength, but also caused him great pain and to become much shorter.[5]

Judd continued to travel the world. His reputation was such that although they did not meet at the time, Wolverine was aware of Judd when they fought on opposite sides in an unrevealed adventure in Maracaibo.[7] He met the author Ernest Hemingway in Spain; Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff); and Modred the Mystic while battling the Brass Bishop.

Occasionally, Eugene attempted to put down roots and get in touch with his humanity, such as when he worked as a construction worker in Orloo, Ontario. There, he also worked as a volunteer at the Hull House orphanage.[8]

Judd would return to his wild ways eventually and, calling himself Puck, he hooked up with a team of other paranormal mercenaries known as the Outcasts. Eugene's flagrant disregard for the laws of man eventually got him imprisoned for the crime of murder.[9]

Alpha Flight

Years later, Guardian had Puck released from jail and offered him a place in Department H. He agreed[10] and underwent training, eventually rising to the secondary team, Beta Flight. When Department H shut down, Alpha Flight decided to remain together as super-heroes independent of the government. Judd joined Alpha Flight at this time.[11]

During his time with Alpha Flight, he encountered a new city deep in the Arctic Circle. There his team and the X-Men discovered Fire Fountain. Several humans associated with the X-Men had gained vast powers via the fountain. Puck was cured of his dwarfism by the well-intentioned Anodyne. He discovered a problem with walking because his center of balance was off. Later, the group discovered that the powers came at a price too high to bare. The group split along ideological lines, and both groups battled for some time before turning on the main threat. This turned out to be the trickster god Loki who was behind all this. He was eventually persuaded to remove all effects of the fountain, which unfortunately included Puck's new height. The pain associated with his dwarfism was now worse than ever.[12]

Soon after, he battled Black Raazer who temporarily freed himself from the prison of Puck's body.[5] He told his teammates about his past, and then took Raazer back into his body once more. He had romantic interest in Heather McNeil Hudson, but she instead turned to their teammate Madison Jeffries.

When Northstar and Aurora both fell deathly ill (him physically and her mentally), Alpha Flight took them to the site of the Fire Fountain. Loki led them to a dark fountain instead (emanating from a deep pit), and sent demons to attack them. During the resulting fight, Puck was knocked into the fountain. The spirit's curse was removed, leaving Puck as a taller but much older man. Loki transported Puck to Tibet as part of his schemes.[13] While there, Puck sought out a lama hoping to get away from everything, as he had grown tired of the world. Tibet itself was being overtaken by the Chinese military at the time. After meeting with him, the lama offered Puck a choice: to be reunited with his friends who were in danger or to travel throughout the other dimensions. He chose to save his friends and was sent to the realm of the Dreamqueen.[14]

Although the others were freed, Dreamqueen captured Puck and tortured him. She restored his youth to ensure she could torture him endlessly. Puck was reunited with the others and freed as they returned from battling the evil sorcerer Llan.[15]

Puck was placed in a hospital to recover from his injuries. He was then abducted by the Master of the World and experimented on. Sasquatch was able to undo the damage, and Puck was 'compressed' into his younger, diminutive form.[16]

He, along with the rest of Alpha Flight stood to block the Collective from entering Canada. The Collective didn't even stop and left behind the deceased bodies of Puck and Alpha Flight.[3]

Ruler of Hell

Later, during the attack by the Chaos King, Alpha Flight was returned to life by a then-omniscient Hercules, sans Puck[17] who, unlike the others, had been sent to one of the realms of Hell. After fighting his way through the damned and claiming a seat of power, he learned that his friends were in trouble (due to Gary Cody putting Canada under martial law and arresting Alpha Flight), and gave up his throne to return to Earth, though his seeming mental instability makes these claims potentially dubious.[4]

Reforming X-Force

Puck as a member of X-Force

Puck sent Psylocke an email when she and Storm were tasked with tracking down a drug dealer in Los Angeles, selling TAO, a drug that makes people susceptible to a hive mind mentality.[18]

Psylocke and Storm met Puck at a bar, and he leads them to an old bank from the 20’s that the drug dealer – the diva of downtown LA - uses to sell drugs and dance. Storm and Psylocke quickly realized the diva was Spiral and Betsy was unable to resist attacking her.

Meanwhile, Storm and Puck headed to the bank vault, since it was where Spiral had hidden her things. Ororo and Puck found a scared little girl inside the vault, who was upset Psylocke was fighting Spiral. The little girl mentally ordered the people at the club to attack Betsy. The two fled to Spiral's flat, followed by the three heroes, but they were all attacked by Bishop, who had just returned from the future to kidnap the girl.[19]


When Talisman was introduced to Alpha Flight, Puck became her physics instructor. Much later at the time of a mass Wendigo outbreak, the two became lovers.[20]

Alpha Flight Space Program

Puck later became a member of the Alpha Flight space program.[21]

When the Hulk battling Absorbing Man, who had been possessed by the One Below All, in Los Diablos Missile Base, Puck along with Langkowski and reporter, Jackie McGee arrived. As the Hulk realized that the One Below All had been opening the Green Door left from the Gamma Bomb, that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk, it was too late and everyone were sucked into the Below-Place.[22]

Puck found Absorbing Man sobbing and encouraged him to try and close the interdimensional door. They approached the One Below All in the form of Brian Banner, beside Bruce, whom the One Below All had planned to use him to get to Earth. Absorbing Man managed to repower the Hulk who then stopped the One Below All. After managing to escape, Puck offered Absorbing Man a place at Gamma Flight, which he accepted.[23]

Following the Shadow Base's latest attack on the Hulk, Gamma Flight retrieved Rick Jones' Abomination shell. However, General Fortean in the Redeemer Armor attacked Gamma Flight and incapacitated them. After recovering themselves, they found out that their teammate Langkowski had been killed by Fortean. They decided to attack the Shadow Base to avenge Langkowski and during their attack, they were joined by Hulk, Betsy Ross, Rick Jones, and Jackie McGee. However, they are eventually overwhelmed by Fortean as the new Abomination and his soldiers. The fight ended when Hulk killed Fortean and took control of Fortean's Hulk Operations.[24]

Puck and Gamma Flight later aided the Hulk and his allies in defending Phoenix, Arizona from monsters sent by Roxxon. Puck warned Hulk's ally Doc Samson that the next time they meet, they would be enemies.[25]

After Hulk accidentally destroyed his surroundings and killed several people with a gamma blast, Puck and Gamma Flight arrived to apprehend him before he could cause more devastation. Reporter Jackie McGee tried to explain to Gamma Flight that Hulk was remorseful for what he did and didn't want to fight. Titania became rough with McGee despite Puck warning not to do, causing the Hulk to be angered and attack Gamma Flight.[26] Absorbing Man battled Hulk until Puck could get a second shot in, striking Hulk in the head, severely injuring him.[27]

Later, Puck went with Shaman and Doc Samson to retrieve Samson's body in Shadow Base Site G so Samson could return to it and leave Sasquatch's body. As the three entered Los Diablos Missile Base where Site was built below, they witnessed Rick Jones and Del Frye, who were forcibly merged, emerge from belowground. Samson immediately attacked the pair but eventually stopped when he realized that Rick and Frye weren't fighting back.[28]

Then Jackie McGee and Dr. McGowan appeared after detecting the gamma energy being given off by Rick and Frye. After discovering that Samson's body had gone missing, Samson hypothesized that Walt Langkowski had resurrected in his body and had walked off. When Shaman's radio reported that the Hulk was fighting the U-Foes, McGowan stated that Hulk needed help. After Puck was convinced by Rick to aid Hulk, he, Samson, Jackie McGee, Rick Jones, Del Frye, and McGowan decided to reform Gamma Flight to help Hulk.[29]

After picking up Absorbing Man and Titania, Gamma Flight teleported to Manhattan where Hulk and Betty were fighting the Avengers. Puck tried to convince the Avengers to place Hulk and Betty into their custody, but Captain Marvel told him that Gamma Flight no longer had the jurisdiction to go after Hulk. Puck didn't participate in the fight. Instead, he grabbed a lamppost to avoid getting caught in the melee. Gamma Flight, Hulk, Betty, and new ally She-Hulk eventually teleported away to a warehouse in Brooklyn.[30]

Due to choosing to aid Hulk instead of apprehend him, Gamma Flight became wanted by the Alpha Flight Space Program and forced to go on the run. After Gamma Flight witnessed a news report of a Gamma Mutate running amuck in Austin, Texas, Samson, Absorbing Man, Titania, and Puck teleported to Austin to help the person. Samson was able to talk down the mutate and learned that her name was Dionne but was called Stockpile by the organization she escaped from, Green Spring. Puck and Absorbing Man were teleported by Dr. McGowan but couldn't teleport Stockpile as well because the translocator malfunctioned. After that, Skaar appeared seemingly repowered to retrieve Stockpile for Green Spring.[31]

Puck and Creel couldn't teleport back to Austin to aid their team in fighting Skaar as their translocator lacked the power. Creel solved the problem by using his powers to turn himself into a translocator. Puck and Creel then teleported to Austin and aided in fighting Skaar. When the United States Hulkbuster Force arrived to break up the fight, Skaar focused his attention on them. Gamma Flight and Dionne decided to leave by teleporting through Creel, but damage done to Creel by Skaar caused a malfunction that seemingly caused everyone to disintegrate.[32]

Gamma Flight and Dionne were transported to an astral plane-like dimension for gamma energy connected to the Below-Place. After fighting off gamma-mutated creatures and zombies, Dionne revealed that they were in Thomasville, Texas where Green Spring conducted experiments with gamma mutation that turned the citizens into zombies. They then met General Fortean's spirit who revealed that someone was using his identity to use Green Spring to create an army of gamma mutates. Then everyone was teleported to Gamma Flight's hideout by Dr. McGowan.[33]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[40]
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Compressed Rubber Physiology: Due to genetic manipulation of his cellular structure, Puck's tissues are condensed at a molecular level which renders his body akin to compressed rubber. As a result, Puck possesses superhuman abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: After being compressed, Judd gained the strength to lift up to 10 tons.[34]
  • Superhuman Speed: After having his body compressed, Puck gained superhuman speed, with the ability to run a peak of 111-115 miles per hour.[34]
  • Superhuman Durability/Invulnerability: After the having his body compressed, Puck gained meta-human durability. Which allows Puck to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and virtually all toxins, corrosives, punctures (including bullets), and concussions (such as high impacts). He has been shown to be invulnerable to being engulfed in a fire as well as taking explosions with no effect on him. Puck's tissues were condensed at a molecular level, causing his body to become akin to compressed rubber. It was stated he is nearly indestructible and invulnerable to harm.[34]
  • Superhuman Agility: He is adept at gymnastics, and is capable of executing a series of cartwheels with such speed and force that he can bowl over a crowd of people almost twice his size.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Puck's reflexes are superhuman, giving him virtually instantaneous response time.[34]
  • Superhuman Stamina: After having his body compressed, Puck gained superhuman stamina: the ability to sustain peak exertion before fatigue impairs performance up to one day.[34]

Extended Longevity: Puck's lifespan has been artificially extended by Razer and Dreamqueen.

Death-like State: He can put himself into a temporary death-like coma.


Eugene Judd (Earth-616) from Alpha Flight Vol 1 119 001.jpg

Skilled Martial Artist: Puck is a professional-level athlete and fighter, with astounding skill in these areas for a man of his size. He is one of the most skilled fighters in the Marvel universe. Prior to receiving his superhuman abilities, Puck had trained himself to be as strong and physically capable as it is possible for a person of his size to be. He had the speed and agility of a 6-foot tall athlete. He knows a mixture of various martial arts, street fighting techniques, acrobatics, and gymnastics. He combines moves such as cartwheels with his extensive martial arts and gymnastics knowledge to devastating effect, for a special fighting style designed to take advantage of his stature. He is also stealthy enough to sneak up on Wolverine's enhanced senses: "Who...? You! Well, well, well. I shoulda known you'd be the only one who could sneak up on me like that."

High Intelligence: Puck is able to think very fast on his feet in battle. He has a love for Shakespeare, and will often quote the bard. In a battle with Atlanteans, he quoted: "Let the foils be brought the gentlemen willing, and the King hold his purpose, I will win for him if I can, if not, I will gain nothing but my shame and the odd hits!" He is a scholar and often reads works by Shakespeare and was friends with Ernest Hemingway. Puck can speak 17 languages fluently including English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Tibetan, and various other languages, but not Sarcee[35]. He has a great deal of knowledge about magic, folklore and magical rituals.[citation needed]

Puck also has many other unusual talents, most of which have yet to be revealed. He is a successful bullfighter, a world class climber, skilled lock-pick, has some knowledge of sorcery (although no real ability at practicing it).

Physical Strength

In his current form, Puck possesses superhuman strength sufficient to lift about 10 tons. Prior to undergoing the process that granted him superhuman strength, Puck possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build that engaged in intensive regular exercise.



On a few occasions, Judd used the Black Blade of Baghdad.


  • Although his association with Alpha Flight was considered classified information, Puck never went to great lengths to conceal his secret identity.[citation needed]
  • Puck was mistaken for a mutant (along with Doop) when he appeared among the mutant masses at Cyclops' mutant unification speech in Washington, D.C.[36]
  • Puck was shown to disappear along with various mutants as a result of the Scarlet Witch's spell to unite mutankind away from Earth, cast in Uncanny Avengers #15, while Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) (a mutant himself) and other non-mutant heroes were left back, even when close to mutants.
    • According to Handbook writer Stuart Vandal, that was probably an artist error, explained as "Scarlet Witch's spell worked on him because she thought he was a mutant - her subconscious picked who did and didn't get teleported."[37]
    • Tom Brevoort stated that "Wanda's spell cast a wide net." as an in-universe explanation, and "Or we goofed—your choice.", stating it was clearly an artist error.[38]


  • It is his spinning technique that earned him a comparison to a hockey puck, and hence his codename.[citation needed]
  • According to Alpha Flight (Vol. 2) #1, Eugene Milton Judd's astrological symbol is Capricorn. This indicates Eugene was born under this sign of the zodiac, sometime between December 21 and January 19.
  • Eugene Judd's "one true love" is Heather McNeil Hudson. But he has kept his feelings secret because he fears that Heather cannot love a man of his stunted height.[39]

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