Presumably, Eugene Judd's history on Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. Through unrevealed circumstances, Puck was convinced or tricked to join the Hydra, a biological entity secretly engineered by Norman Osborn for the purpose of destroying SHIELD and friends of Captain America in response to their unwillingness to accept his presidency. Like all people who joined the Hydra, the biological creature attached to their body took full control of the host body, killing the host. The Hydra retained all the hosts' original memories and presumably their super-human abilities.[citation needed]

While Puck's body was seen during Hydra attacks on New York, against the Iron Avengers and against the Skull's invading army, Puck's soul ended up in the Realm of the Dead. His soul was seen briefly during Mar-Vell's battle against Death.[citation needed]

After Mar-Vell destroyed Death and created Paradise, Puck was one of the many super-beings that who would be brought to this new afterlife. There, Puck consume a shard of the Cosmic Cube to create his own ideal paradise.[citation needed]

Puck fate following the invasion of Paradise by the Kree remains unrevealed.[citation needed]

His body however, was seemingly destroyed during the Skull's invasion of New York. However, since most of the Hydra host bodies were later seen in their secret headquarters "alive" and well, it's presumable that Eugene's Hydra body survived as well. However, if this is the case, it would have been banished to Limbo with Rom's blaster, which was used by an enraged Captain America, when Cap was informed by the reborn Mar-Vell that all who join the Hydra were killed.[citation needed]


When he was alive, and in the Realm of the Dead, it's presumable that Puck retained the those of the Eugene Judd of Earth-616. When his body was possessed by the Hydra, the Hydra host took over his entire body and presumably retained all his abilities and memories. The only advancement this creature would have caused was made his body more resilient to damage, or possibly given it regenerative properties. It is unknown if the Terrigen Mists had any effect on Eugene's body or abilities while he was alive.

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