Even after the Venom symbiote was separated from Flash Thompson, it left trace remnants of itself in his body that enabled him to sense its presence.[1]

Interested in studying symbiotes, the Maker extracted a sample of symbiote biomass from a sample of blood obtained by Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. prior to Flash becoming Agent Anti-Venom. Hypothesizing these trace remnants to record information on the symbiotes' hosts, the Maker dubbed it a "codex" and intended to exhume and vivisect Flash's body to obtain additional samples.[2]

In order to escape Project Oversight's facility, the brain-dead Venom symbiote reabsorbed Flash's codex, which contained a copy of his consciousness. With Eddie Brock's permission, the copy of Flash's consciousness assumed control, transforming him into Agent Venom and helping him fight off the guards and escape. However, this proved to only be temporary, as the copy of Flash's consciousness eventually burnt out.[2]

As a replica of Flash Thompson's consciousness during his time as Agent Venom, Flash's codex possesses the same personality as the original.


Those of Flash Thompson during his time as Agent Venom.


Those of Flash Thompson during his time as Agent Venom

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