Flash is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology, alongside Peter Parker. Flash has a habit of harassing Parker (whom he nicknames "Penis Parker") due to the latter's IQ and tendency to make Flash look bad. He is quite cocky, prioritizing speed over accuracy on his answers.

During Liz Toomes's party, Flash served as the DJ and led the crowd in mocking Parker, ultimately forcing Parker to flee the scene.

Flash later participated in the Academic Decathlon finals, hogging the trophy despite getting all his questions wrong. When the team visited the National Monument, he was trapped in the elevator after a Chitauri core in Ned Leeds's backpack exploded. He told the security to save the trophy, then himself before getting out of the elevator. When the elevator fell, Flash watched as Spider-Man saved the rest of the team, asking the masked hero if he really knew Parker as Leeds had earlier claimed.

Later, Flash was driving his date to the homecoming dance when Spider-Man arrived and demanded Flash's car. Although Flash insisted that the car was his father's, he soon relented, but watched in horror as Spider-Man recklessly crashed it.[1]

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  • Disc Jockey: Flash is a skilled DJ, serving as the DJ at Liz's party.
  • Driving: Flash is capable of driving his father's car.
  • Intelligence: While not as smart as Peter Parker, Flash is a member of the decathlon team.



  • Audi: Flash often drove around in his father's 2018 Audi A8. However, on the night of the homecoming dance, he was forced to lend it to Spider-Man, who crashed and damaged it.



  • Flash's social media account is SpideyNo1Fan.[2]

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