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Captain Spider[src]


Flash Thompson as Captain Spider

The history of Eugene "Flash" Thompson of Earth-78127 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the point where there was a public exhibition on radiation that irradiated a spider. In this reality, Flash Thompson attended the exhibition along with Peter Parker. Flash's attendance led to Thompson being bitten by the spider instead of Peter Parker, and gaining the proportionate abilities of a spider.

Heading home with his dates, he saved the two girls from an out of control car by using his spider-strength to toss them out of the way. Dismissing how fantastic the scenario was, they would happen to pass by the arena where Crusher Hogan would be challenging people to last three minutes in the ring with him for a $100.00 prize. Taking the bet, Flash battled Hogan and not used to his superior strength accidentally killed the wrestler. When the police attempted to arrest him, he fled capture and realized he had other powers such as super-human agility and the ability to cling walls. Wanted by the police and realizing that everyone knew who he was, and guilt ridden for killing an innocent man by accident, Flash Thompson decided to take up a costumed identity and fight crime as Captain Spider.

He clashed with such foes as the Chameleon and the Tinkerer and easily put them to justice. Peter Parker grew an interest in Captain Spider and followed his exploits. During Captain Spider's attempt to stop the thefts of the Vulture, Captain Spider seemingly died in combat when the Vulture carried the Captain high into the air and dropped him. With no means of stopping his fall, Captain Spider fell to his apparent death, and his body was found by Peter Parker. Unmasking Captain Spider as Flash Thompson, Parker cursed Thompson for being a glory hog and said that it took more than just super powers to be a hero.[1]

Flash along with the Spider-Army

Flash somehow survived (or was resurrected) and was later recruited into Spider-UK's Spider-Army.[2]

He was later killed by Morlun when the Inheritors attacked Earth-13.[3]

Captain Spider was later resurrected and was being watched by the Master Weaver through the Web of Life and Destiny.[4] He later joined the Spider-Army and participated in their failed bombing of Jennix's laboratory.[5]

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Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Eugene Thompson of Earth-616.

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