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Muscle headed, self-absorbed football star of Empire State University (ESU). Flash bullied Peter Parker when they were students at Midtown High School and he remains a minor nuisance to Peter in college. Flash idolizes Spider-Man and he plays an important role when Sandman discovered that Spider-Man was really Peter Parker; taking advantage of the fact that Flash idolizes Spider-Man, Firestar tricked him into dressing up in a spider-suit and appearing with Peter at a key moment during a fight with Sandman at ESU. When Sandman sees them together, he decides Spider-Man and Peter Parker couldn't be the same person, thus securing the safety of Peter's Aunt May should Sandman ever seek revenge against Spider-Man in the future.

Despite being clueless, Flash is often seen dating many attractive women, including Mona Osborn and Angelica Jones.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of Eugene Thompson of Earth-616.


  • Unlike his counterpart from Earth-616, this version of Flash Thompson never becomes a close friend of Peter Parker. He is less hostile to Peter in their college years, but still occasionally taunts him. Their relationship can best be described as "lukewarm".

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