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In an alternate universe where J. Jonah Jameson adopted the orphaned Peter Parker, Flash was hired as Peter's bodyguard after Jameson became convinced that Spider-Man was responsible for the deaths of John Jameson and May Parker. After Spider-Man sabotaged the Spider-Slayer, Jameson began pushing the Scorpion project, and Flash took the formula in order to prevent a "hard case" from gaining superpowers and attempting to kill the wall-crawler. However, the formula adversely affected Thompson's mind, causing him to go on a rampage. When confronted by a maskless Spider-Man, his hatred of Parker and the formula clouded his judgment, causing him to attack along with a group of supervillains seeking the $1,000,000 reward Jameson had placed on Spider-Man's head. However, at that moment Jameson intervened using the Spider-Slayer, taking down the villains and administering an antidote shot to Thompson, ending his brief villainous career.[1]

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Seemingly those of MacDonald Gargan of Earth-616.

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