Flash is a student at Midtown High who was always bullying Peter Parker and he was one the people who applied to Osborn Academy for Geniuses.[1]

Eugene Thompson (Earth-TRN633) from Marvel's Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 13 001

As Venom

After being rejected, Flash took part in Stark Expo with a baking soda vulcano and, surprisingly, he ended up being the winner of the Expo, as everything else was destroyed during Ghost's attack.[2] Unbeknownst to everyone, Flash had bonded with Venom when he helped removing it from Spider-Man, who used it to defeat Ghost. Because of this, Venom reappeared sometime later and started wrecking the city. Peter, who was tutoring Flash to help him pass an exam, realized he was the man behind the suit, when he noticed Venom was attacking people Flash didn't like. During a football match Venom took control over Flash's body again before finally being defeated by Spider-Man once and for all. This experienced led to Flash bonding with Peter, without whom Flash wouldn't be able to be a hero and help Spidey again.[3]


Flash currently possesses no superhuman abilities.


Seemingly those of Flash Thompson of Earth-616.


PTSD: Flash developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following multiple bondings to the Venom.[4]

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