Quote1.png I did this for you, Gwen. At fist, I thought there was something wrong with me. I was practically begging you to be with me, and nothing. But then I realized it was you. -- It made you feel afraid. I knew that as long as he was out there, you'd never feel safe enough to be with me, so I did what needed doing. What Warren did to you -- but then there were more people in the way. Don't worry, Gwen, only a few left. Then we can be together. Quote2.png
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Flash Thompson's history s presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's, including how he frequently bullied fellow student Peter Parker. During a public tour of General Techtronics, Flash pushed Peter to the floor, unknowingly squashing a mutated spider that almost bit Peter.

Later, as Flash and Peter graduated from Midtown High School, Flash decided to bully Peter once last time in the science lab. Peter managed to set off the building's sprinkler system in an attempt to get away from Flash, but he only succeeded in angering Flash, and Flash was able to punch him. As Peter left Midtown for the last time, Flash angrily mashed Peter's science project in a garbage can.[1]

After high school, Flash attended Capitol State University. He tried running for the U.S. House against Kyle Richmond,[2] but he lost. He was very protective of fellow CSU student Gwen Stacy. For example, he threatened to knock out Prof. Miles Warren after he was fired for harassing Gwen. Flash eventually became obsessed with Gwen and became mentally unstable. To be with Gwen, he first killed Warren and took up his persona of the Jackal. He then began killing people even remotely connected to Gwen. Flash also figured out that Gwen was the superhero Nightbird.

As Nightbird, Gwen investigate the murders Flash committed and managed to track him to the old CSU library, which was burned down by Warren. Flash then attacked Gwen while wearing a crude Jackal costume. Gwen at first mistook Flash for Warren but realized it was Flash from the way he fought and his voice. After Flash explained his reasons for the murders, Gwen comforted him so she could knock him out with a sedative. Flash was incarcerated at Ravencroft Asylum where Gwen worked as a psychiatrist. Due to his mental state, no one believed Flash when he said that Gwen was Nightbird.[3]

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  • Investigative Skills: In spite of his brutish nature, Flash was very observant and was able to figure out that Gwen was Nightbird.[3]
  • Fighting Skills: Flash is a very skilled fighter and was able to hold his own against Gwen, who is a formidable fighter in her own right.[3]

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