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Euphoria is a living planet with a special adaptive atmosphere. It was found by the Silver Surfer and his companion Dawn Greenwood when they were looking for a new planet for the inhabitants of the now-destroyed Newhaven to live in. Which were in an exodus fleet of 3 billion ships carrying 6 billion refugees from Newhaven, consisting of the survivors of countless worlds that had been consumed by Galactus.[1]

Euphoria (Earth-616) from Silver Surfer Vol 7 12 001

In order to protect itself from the survivors' grief, Euphoria's atmosphere medicated its inhabitants and treated them for their depression, inducing them in a state of constant happiness. However, it also started influencing the actions of its new inhabitants with the intent to make their lives better. Months after staying at "New Newhaven," the Surfer sensed something was wrong, used his powers to reveal the planet's true nature, and Euphoria revealed itself as a living creature. A group of the survivors decided to leave the planet as they didn't want to be Euphoria's puppets, but the vast majority remained on it.[2]

Following the death of Dawn Greenwood's father Reg, Dawn requested the Silver Surfer to return to Euphoria. Due to Euphoria's nature, the planet created a construct of Dawn's father, with which Dawn passed time once in a while over the following 67 days. Silver Surfer and Dr. Fuzmyer monitored the situation to ensure Euphoria was used as a treatment to help Dawn cope with her loss, rather than a way to escape from reality. After Mama Hub helped Dawn finally overcome her grief, she and Silver Surfer bid Euphoria and its inhabitants farewell once again.[3]

At one point in the distant past, Euphoria was given a Night Shard by the Olympian godhead Zeus for safekeeping. The Night Shards were the materialization of the power of Nyx, the rogue goddess of the night who had been imprisond by her fellow Olympians, and the shard given to Euphoria represented The Night That Is. After escaping from her confinement and murdering the Olympians, Nyx sought out all the shards. Would-be heroine Voyager assembled a team of Earth's heroes to get them first. Eventually, the only shard left was The Night That Is, resulting in a confrontation between Nyx and the heroes in Euphoria's surface. Since the warring between the Avengers and Nyx threatened to disrupt her paradise, Euphoria materialized her true form in an attempt to deescalate the conflict. Euphoria questioned everybody at the scene to know their desires, but the fighting quickly resumed, causing Euphoria to become dazed by the ceatures' violent nature and conflicting desires. Euphoria then approached Nyx, and let her rip the shard from inside her. Returned to her full power, Nyx fled. A dying Euphoria was approached by Voyager, who warned her that she hadn't heard her wish. When Voyager told Euphoria that her heart's desire was to be an Avenger, Euphoria used her final breaths to assure her that only Voyager herself could make it happen, which fueled Voyager with the determination to go after Nyx.[4]

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