In the Guardians of the Galaxy timeline Europa was once the home of a colony of mutants that had fled Earth in the 20th century some years prior to Earth being decimated by the Martians and ultimately conquered by the Badoon.[1]. Magneto led the mutants who left Earth.

After the War of Worlds Vision/Mainframe traveled to Europa to reunite the colony with the Earthlings who survived the war. When Mainframe got to Europa the colony was deserted.[2] Years later the Guardians of the Galaxy discovered the deserted colony and found a ship there they dubbed the Captain America II which became their headquarters.

The mutants abandoned the Europa colony when it was attacked by Apocalypse. Magneto and Apocalypse died in the battle. The surviving mutants departed in three ships and spent generations in space until they ultimately found a hellish world with numerous active volcanoes they ironically named Haven.

Wolverine who was still alive when the mutants landed on Europa refused to lead the people. His descendents did not have this qualm and often ruled with an iron fist.[3]

By the 31st Century Haven was ruled by Wolverine's Great-Great-Great Granddaughter Rancor.


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