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The European Defense Initiative is an European Union superhuman team equivalent to the American team, the Ultimates. The EDI consisted of supermen as byproducts of the European Super-Soldier Program, representing to their European nations, all of whom are empowered with exo-suits designed by Professor Sir James Braddock, who oversees the the EDI super soldier program, and led by Captain Britain. The EDI was too far behind the Americans due to their very effective combination of independent developers and government-sponsored programs.

The EDI was contracted with the Ultimates in tracking down and apprehending Thor, whom they believed him to be Thorlief Golmen, a man who enrolled in the European Super-Soldier Program who went mad into believing he is the actual Norse God. In reality, the EDI and their allies were tricked by Loki, under the guise of Gunnar Golmen who suppose to work for the EDI, in order to remove Thor and dismantling the Ultimates from interfering in the Liberators' attack on America. Once this attack had happened, the EDI bypassed the Liberators in New York City, freeing captured heroes such as the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, and joining the fight alongside them.

During the events of Ultimatum, the EDI was in London where Captain Britain was discussing how to take action against Magneto in the Houses of Parliament. This was cut short by the intrusion of Multiple Man who sets a series of bombs which destroyed Parliament and everyone inside it.[1] The aftermath of Ultimatum led the European Union into reconstituting the EDI, creating Excalibur-class super-soldiers led by Captain Britain's successor, Jamie Braddock.

The reconstituted EDI was first sent into action to negotiate rowdy Asgardian Gods which degenerated into a battle after Jamie Braddock displayed disrespect to Thor. The battle came to a halt when both combatants discovered the Dome, which was the base of the Children of Tomorrow.[2] The Children of Tomorrow attacked the group. Captains Italy and France were killed, while Captains Britain and Spain were the only ones who survived.



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