Eurypylus was the son of Telephus, the grandson of Heracles, King of Teuthrania, and a great warrior.[1]

Along with an army, he came to aid King Priam of Troy against the Argives.[1]

He led the Trojans, killing Machaon, son of Asclepius, in battle. In another battle, he met with Achilles (who had wounded his father Telephus, then healed him, in a battle in the prelude of the Trojan War.[1]

This fight was observed by many: Trojans, Achaeans, Gods. Neoptolemus finally beat his opponent, plunging his father's ashen spear in Eurypylus' throat.[1]

Neoptolemus gloating over the dead body of Eurypylus caused God of War Ares to depart Olympus and join the Trojans, but he was interceptedby Athena who favored the Achaeans. Before they could clash, Zeus intervened, forcing them both to withdraw.[1]


Eurypylus claimed to have been unmatched in all of his fight, and was seemingly a great warrior.[1]


Sword, armor and helmet.[1]




Sword and spear.[1]

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