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Ancient Times

Eurystheus was the son of Sthenelus, and as such,[3] the grandson of Perseus.[1]

He succeeded his father to the throne of Mycenae, at Tiryns,[3] and became the Great King of Mycenae. He was fated to be Hercules' hated rival from birth[4] and cousin.[2]

He was responsible for commissioning the Twelve Labors of Hercules.[5] At each time Hercules returned from a task, Eurystheus feared him so much that would hide in a giant bronze jar.[6]

After Hercules' death, he tried to destroy everything related to Hercules, but was eventually defeated by Hercules' son Hyllus and was dragged towards Alcmena (Hercules' mother). He tried to explain to her he was doing Hera's will, but Alcmena pierced his eyes and Hyllus beheaded him.[5]

Hera came to the lifeless body and resurrected him, and Eurystheus sewed his head back.[5]

Over the years, he trained to cope with blindness, and also used plastic surgery.[5]

Modern Days

New Labors

Allied with Achelous and under Hera's secret leadership, he proposed to Hercules to pass New Labors.[5]

Hercules managed to pass the final labor: Obtaining the forgiveness of his wife Megara, whom he had murdered millenia before. Hera consequently left the enraged Eurystheus to confront Hercules. After a brief brawl, Eurystheus was decapitated by a falling mounted shield.[7][8]



Eurystheus had an expanded life span granting him nearly indefinite life.[5]

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