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According to Eva, she and Jesse Alexander had been dating each other since they were fifteen years old. Due to the disapproval of Jesse's mother over Eva's "troublemaker" status, Jesse decided to choose his life with Eva when given the choice between her and his mother.[1] Eventually, they got married and conceived their first child during Jesse's career as a Supernova. He later escaped to Earth when his ship was attacked by Chitauri, and managed to witness the birth of Sam.[2] Later, Eva revealed that her husband returned to Earth in Nova form, fulfilling his promise to her that he would be present on Earth for his son's birth.[3]

Eva holding infant Sam Alexander alongside her husband.

As time passed, however, Jesse Alexander was unable to cope with his new life on Earth, later becoming an alcoholic, which sewed further doubt in Sam Alexander as to whether he was really a Nova or a liar. Eva tried to comfort Sam by saying that her husband was going through tough times, implying that he had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time as a Nova.[2] When Sam Alexander was hospitalized after having a head injury, she visited him for two days.[citation needed]





Bilingual: She can speak English and Spanish.[4]

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