School Shooting & Fear of Mutants

Evan's early history is unknown, but he was a regular student to Costa Verde High School. He and his friend, Teddy, were the school's social outcasts. They would spend their days stirring public disturbances to gain attention. One day, Evan decided to make an example out of school's jock, Nick, by scaring him and the class with a pistol at lunch.

Evan wanted to go out on a rampage and gain infamy. When Vice Principal Diller tried to get the gun out of his hand, Evan shot and killed him, causing him to gain national media attention. Teddy decided to stop him, but Evan shot him too. To Evan's surprise, Teddy was impervious to bullets; he was a mutant. To his own displeasure, while watching the news on a phone, reporters identified him and Teddy as mutants, something Teddy never wanted be associated with. To his second surprise, Teddy's sister, Liz revealed she was Firestar. While Firestar defended they have done nothing wrong, Evan decided to shoot Liz; she retaliated and blew out the cafeteria.[1]

Evan's fate is uncertain, but he was in front of Liz when she blew out the wall, suggesting he was killed.


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