Evan Murayama was an Ultra, presumably one of the babies infected with the Wetware virus of the Fire People by "Wetware Mary", like most of the Freex. Once his abilities manifested, he was recruited by Contrary into her Academy of the New Elite. Contrary used her empathic seduction powers to reward and control her students, and Cayman was particularly susceptible to her charms. After an encounter with the renegade Wetware babies called the Freex, however, Cayman began to realize just how much influence Contrary had over him. He chose to leave the Academy for a time and travel with the Freex.[1]

After a number of adventures with the Freex, reality was reorganized by the Infinity Gems. The Freex still existed, but Cayman no longer appeared among them.[2] He resurfaced alone and joined Strike's Exiles.[3]

When the Exiles joined forces with Ultraforce against the Alien Elite, Strike was seriously injured and the Exiles disbanded. Cayman left to get Strike the medical attention he needed.[4]


Reptilian Physiology: Cayman has scaly armored skin and dense sharp claws.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Claws: He possesses big dense, sharp claws that can easily rend flesh.
  • Human Form: He can assume human form but only briefly, since his human form is painful.

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