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Real Name
Evelyn Clarice Sarah Necker
Current Alias
Evelyn Necker
Lady Evelyn Clarice Necker of Aym

Eliza Clare Necker (mother),
Smart (father),

Death's Head II/Minion, Death Wreck, Death Metal (creations/"sons")
AIM of the year 2020, Earth-8410, Omni Corporation
Base of Operations
Living Status
Marital Status
Research scientist, inventor
PhD in robotics; extensively educated in artificial intelligence, computer vision, engineering cybernetics and multiple other scientific fields


Creators and Appearances


Dr. Evelyn Necker spent six years working for A.I.M., four of those years were dedicated to the Minion Project, to protect A.I.M. from a future threat of unknown source.[1] During 2018 she created the first Minion-Prototype using spare parts and the brain of an alcoholic vagabond. However, he was lost to time for two years.[1]

After successfully creating the Minion, she send him in a routine operation to kill and assimilate a personality. The cyborg ran across Death's Head, earning the hate of the Freelancer Peacekeeping Agent, who tracked him down to his base. Even before the fight started, Dr. Evelyn Necker noticed that the Minion's behavior had already started to be odd. After Death's Head broke into the complex and attacked the Minion cyborg, the more advanced cyborg easily destroyed and assimilated the mechanoid. This assimilation caused a backlash. The Minion afterwards fled, with Dr. Evelyn Necker hot on it tail.[2]

His next target Mister Fantastic team up with Dr. Necker to stop the run away Minion cyborg. And as suggested that Death's Head cybernetic personality had taken nearly over the Minion's body as he had previously only downloaded personalities from flesh beings. This prove to be true and Reed and Dr. Necker were able to allow Death's Head personality to take control of the Minion's body. It quickly however ran away leaving Dr. Neck to search for it once more.[3]

By 2021, after A.I.M. destruction at the hands of Charnel, Dr. Necker took a job in the Omni Corporation and was revisited by the Minion-Prototype. She quickly when about experimenting with his time-belt and accidentally sending him to Earth-9939, where he retrieved for her and unknown metal. She called this Prometheum, for the titan that stole fire from the gods. She successfully created a new android with metal call Death Metal, but upon turning it on it quickly gain it own will. Trying to stop it she commanded Death Wreck to prevent him from using time jump, but only cause both of them to vanish back to Earth-9939.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[5]
Energy Projection*13
Fighting Skills3
* Teleporter; Heightened durability, energy projection in armor.


Evelyn Necker is a certified genius in robotics, and she has vast knowledge in engineering artificial intelligence, computer vision, cybernetics and advanced weaponry. She is also trained in a wide array of advanced energy weapons and explosives.



She often wears bulletproof body armor and a visor with various scanning capabilities. Using hand-held time discs and similar teleportation devices, she can teleport through time, space and realities.

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