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Evenor was one of the autochthons, primeval quasi-deities,[2] "offspring of the soil"),[3] and an Atlantean god known as Lord of the Water-Spirits.[1] He was also the father of Cleito, mothered by Leucippe. When Neptune claimed Atlantis, he married Cleito, and they fathered the ten first kings of Atlantis,[4] ten gods who ruled in the centuries between 18,500 and 18,000 BC. It was said that the land Atlantis prospered from the presence of the autochthons.[2]

As the guardian of the City of the Golden Gate,[5] after Atlantis sank in the Great Cataclysm, Evenor was sworn to guard the Shroud of Cleito, an holy relic, in the City of the Golden Gate. He tried to prevent Namor from taking it and sullying it, and damning him in the name of the Ten. Namor finally accepted Evenor's wisdom.[1]


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