Ever was apparently one of the younger generation of Morlocks, exiled to The Hill dimension after Mikhail Rasputin saved them from the flooding of the Morlock Tunnels. When Callisto tracked the terrorist splinter group of Morlocks called Gene Nation back to Earth, she presented a hologram of the Nationals that included Ever in their ranks. For some reason, however, Ever was not among Gene Nation when they were captured by Callisto and the X-Men.[1]

Ever befriended Alex Summers when Havok decided to fight more aggressively for mutant rights as leader of the new Brotherhood. They briefly hijacked a commercial airliner before getting removed by the X-Men.[2]

When Havok recruited his former brainwasher the Dark Beast in order to keep an eye on him, Ever retreated into the shadows. Instead of interacting with the untrustworthy McCoy and Fatale, he watched them from a distance on Havok's behalf. Once Ever learned McCoy was experimenting on innocent civilians, he reported the news to Havok.[3]


Unique Physiology: His entire body's composed of compacted grey matter, granting him varied and potent psionic abilities.

  • Telepathy
    • Astral Projection
    • Clairvoyance
    • Mind Control
  • Mild Telekinesis

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