Everett Bliss was an operative of the Government of the United States. He received orders from the President.[1]

When international terrorist General Miguel threatened to unleash an age-speeding chemical on several American cities, Bliss was sent to deal with the situation. Bliss contacted scientists Dr. Wendy Day and Dr. Simon Mills for expert advise; they confirmed Bliss that such a weapon was feasible. Bliss was reticent to deal with terrorists, as he had no way to know whether Miguel would (or could) honor his word; and at the same time, he thought that Miguel would not want to negotiate. The scientists worked overtime, but unsuccessfully, trying to develop an antidote. Bliss finally decided to not accept a blackmail, following the policy of the United States.[1]

Miguel sent a plane to spray the city of Portland, Oregon with his chemical, and then publicly announced that the antidote was available for one billion dollars. Mills stressed to Bliss the urgency of the situation, but Bliss still doubted that Miguel really had an antidote. Predicting Bliss' problem, Miguel offered a limited sample of the antidote. Dr. Day offered to travel to Portland and test it in one of the affected inhabitants. Bliss was thinking about tests in animals, but Day thought there was no time for that, and she left by plane (probably Bliss provided her the plane). Day risked her own life but confirmed that the antidote was operative; however, neither she nor Mills could produce more of it.[1]

Before Bliss could continue his telephone-based negotiations with Miguel, the terrorist was stopped by Captain America. Captain America also obtained enough antidote to heal the population of Portland.[1]

  • The movie does not specify which President of the United States is being represented. The movie was premiered in November 23, 1979; at that point the president was Jimmy Carter.

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